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Beta 6 Custom $2699.00



Beta 6 Custom Plus $2699.00



M265 Fretless $2499.00



Beta 5 Custom $2299.00



Beta 5 Custom Plus $2299.00



M245 Custom Plus $2399.00



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Black Friday SPECIAL! Good through December 7

$100.00 OFF Atelier Z Beta 4 Deluxe


Beta 4 Deluxe, Made in Japan, 24 fret, 34" scale, ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, Luminlay side dots, Gotoh hardware, Atelier Z pickups and 3 band active EQ, gig bag. FREE Accessory pack! Black Friday Price $1595.00

$100.00 OFF Atelier Z Beta 5 Deluxe JHJ


Beta 5 Deluxe JHJ, Made in Japan, 24 fret, 34" scale, ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, Luminlay side dots, Gotoh hardware, Atelier Z JHJ pickups and 3 band active EQ, gig bag. FREE Accessory Pack! Black Friday Price $1895.00

Featured Products

On Tour with atelier Z

Paul Ranieri with Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius


Catch Atelier Z Artist Paul Ranieri on tour with violinist Mark Wood, fusion group Mondo Electro, hard rock legends Riot Act, and Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius. 

Riot Act


Whether hard rock, progressive, or mind blowing fusion; Paul's Atelier Z Bass of choice is the Beta 4 Custom Plus.

Buy A New Atelier Z Bass, Get over $100.00 in Accessories


We appreciate your business, and to prove it, we include this Accessory Kit free of charge.

Comfort Strapp

The ultimate in comfort, superb weight distribution, patented stretch design, constructed to last. 3 sizes to choose from. Retail value $45.00

Grover Straplocks

Protection for your bass on the gig or off. Secure your strap to your bass and never worry about it slipping off the strap buttons. We'll include the proper color to match the hardware on your bass. Retail value $22.00

MXR Pro Series Cable

With a preamp as musical as those found in Atelier Z basses, the last thing you want is your cable malfunctioning on the gig or in the studio. So we include this 20' cable from MXR. Pure signal, pure tone. Retail value $30.00

Dunlop Platinum 65 Polish Cloth

Whether it's cleaning your Atelier Z bass or wiping down the strings, it's hard to beat Dunlop's 65 Polish Cloth. We're throwing one of these in too. Retail value $6.00

And of course, FREE SHIPPING!

Custom Orders

Custom Order Process

We are happy to custom  order the Atelier Z bass of your dreams. The current build time is 5 months from receipt of order and 25% non-refundable deposit. Spec out your bass from the choices provided, or feel free to email us to discuss something truly over the top. In either case, email us your request and we will send you a price estimate as well as any other design detail concerns, suggestions, or affirmations.

Choose Model

The following Atelier Z Bass models are available for custom order in 4, 5, or 6 string. 

Fretted or fretless.

M-Series: 34" Scale, 20 fret 4 string, 

21 fret 5 & 6 string.

Beta-Series: 34" Scale 24 fret 4, 5 & 6 string.

Choose Finish

All Atelier Z basses are constructed with 2 piece ash bodies and maple necks with maple or pau ferro fingerboards. Transparent and opaque colors are available in either gloss or satin as well as burned finishes with transparent colors. Burned finishes are exactly what they sound like, a torch flame is applied to the ash body enhancing and highlighting the grain structure. Natural and transparent colors look absolutely fabulous over this technique. Please review our online basses for color examples, if you don't see your desired color, just let us know and we will email you availability and a sample picture.

Choose Electronics and Pickups

Atelier Z offers their own pickups as well as offerings from Seymour Duncan, Delano, and Aguilar in J and HB designs. Preamp choices include the Atelier Z EQ-12, Aguilar OPB-1, 2, and 3, and Bartolini XTCT, NTBT, 

NTMB, and MCT-375. Also offered is Atelier Z's Spectrum Boost Circuit as found on standard M series instruments.

Additional Feature Choices

You may also choose your hardware color:  chrome, black, or gold. 

Fretboard inlay: dots or block (black or white), or none.

Pickguard/control panel color: clear, pearl, 3-ply, or delete pick guard and/or control panel entirely.

Hipshot detuners.

Maple or pau ferro fingerboards.

Natural or painted maple fretless fingerboards.

Tuners: Gotoh or Schaller.

Pickup fence.

Gig bag or hardshell case (gig bag or case must be ordered with instrument).

More options by request.

The Atelier Z Story

The Atelier Z Story

Crafting masterpiece quality bass guitars since 1989, Atelier Z has established a loyal following of bass players around the world. Using a combination of expertly cured Ash and Maple, Atelier Z artisans construct basses that are ergonomic, well balanced, lightweight, and articulate. The tonal pallet of these basses spans the entire spectrum from round and mellow to crystal clarity, regardless of genre, you’re able to dial in the perfect tone. You will experience satin and gloss finishes that are luxuriously smooth to the touch, rich in color, and durable to withstand the rigors of the road. The necks, available in gloss or satin, are perfectly contoured with a smooth taper and an “oh so familiar” feel. Bound fingerboards, expert inlays, Gotoh tuning machines, and your choice of 20, 21, or 24 fret models ensures a neck suited for everyone’s taste. 

Atelier Z basses are equipped with either their own proprietary pickups, Seymour Duncan, Delano, or Aguilar pickups depending on the model. 

Like the painter’s palate of colors, the preamp choices offered by Atelier Z allow the player to sculpt whatever tone is necessary to suit the groove. Utilizing Atelier Z’s Original preamp,  Aguilar, or Bartolini preamps, crafting your personal signature tone has never been easier.

Each bass is shipped safely nestled in Atelier Z’s own custom soft case designed for portability, protection, and storage of necessary accessories.


You will find an incredible selection of handmade Ergo-Straps from Chile now in stock. 3"and 4" all leather straps with various designs including the Victor Wooten Yin-Yang, FA-3, FA-4, Hydra, and Galaxy. Padded for comfort, vibrant colors, premium leathers, extendable lengths, the perfect accessory for that special bass!


About Us

 When it comes to bass specialty shops, BassicallyBassGuitars, LLC are the new guys. But what we bring to the party is over 50 years in the bass guitar industry. Our combined experience as bass players, retail bass specialists, clinicians, manufacturer’s reps, and importers and distributors of instruments and amplification, all add up to experiences that you can count on to bring you sound advice and extraordinary tools for your trade.

BassicallyBassGuitars is your source for Atelier Z Bass Guitars and expertly sourced and vetted accessories for the contemporary bassist. Every manufacturer we represent has a proven legacy in their design, innovation, quality of manufacturing, and attention to detail assuring you quality and value for your money. You can be assured of receiving a superbly set up bass guitar accurately represented by our comprehensive on-line description. Our ever expanding selection of bass accessories are designed to compliment your instrument and your art with substantial function and quality.

Our product and manufacturer’s selection will continue to grow in our efforts to offer you the finest in products, sales, and service. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

BassicallyBassGuitars, LLC

Terms & Returns

We guarantee that all products are as described, and are brand new. BassicallyBassGuitars offers a 48 hour trial period for your bass guitar. Comfort Straps and Ergo-Straps are not returnable. Any and all returns require a Return Authorization number which may be obtained from our Customer Service Department. Regardless of reason for return, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. We ship for free, however there is a charge for shipping which we pay, that cost is passed on to the customer in the event of a return. The instrument must be returned as it was shipped including the original packing materials, gig bag/soft case, wrenches, and certificate, etc..  Any instrument that has been modified, adjusted, pickups replaced, scratched, dinged, gigged with, custom ordered, or damaged (by the customer) in any way will not be eligible for return. All shipping charges are based on deliveries within the continental United States. If you are ordering from Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico please contact us for a shipping quote. Domestic sales only. All purchases are directed and completed through PayPal.

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